SIL offers following value driven benefits to its clients.

Strategic expansion of delivery capabilities:

Clients can leverage “multi-national delivery capabilities” advantage by utilizing the infrastructure of SIL in Bangkok , especially in light of the growing concern of monopolistic status of some countries as a BPO destination in foreign markets. It also gives risk minimization advantage as the business continuity location concept, which we firmly believe, will become a very critical factor in selection of service providers.

Reduction in capital and operational expenditure:

SIL has set up infrastructure at a prime business location at Bangkok , Thailand with connectivity, processing power and trained human resources. The infrastructure set up by SIL for its BPO operations is world class, with best in class arrangements for ensuring confidentiality of client data and information. With this infrastructure, clients don’t need to invest in technology infrastructure to cater to increased business volumes. In addition, the operational expenditure can be reduced substantially by utilizing comparatively lower cost, high expertise human resources that we have.

Faster turnaround:

The time zone differences between Thailand and US / European countries makes Thailand a good location for processing such transactions which can assist better business decisions the next day. The overnight processing could have a significant importance in many business operations.

Focus on customer successes:

The existing resources and infrastructure of SIL can be utilized effectively to achieve immediate scalability for any organization. SIL possesses reasonable strengths to scale up the operations at a very short notice. The operational efficiencies gained would enable clients to focus on customer successes.


A very peculiar quality of Thai people is that when a process is well defined, they process the tasks almost with mechanical accuracy. This results in very predicable delivery qualities and this virtue is very useful in processes which require very high accuracy. This virtue of the Thai people is closely associated with their deep rooted cultural aspects, which are very difficult to be replicated elsewhere.

Customer delight:

The service mindset of the Thai people is virtually unique in so much as they are trained on service aspect right from the childhood. The clients can experience the difference in approach almost immediately.