Step 1 : Prepare equipment Grand stream HT-503 Voip

– Plug-in Phone to port Phone at Grand stream HT-503
– Plug-in (RJ45) Lan Line to port Wan at Grand stream HT-503 connect to Router internet
– Check Status Wan Port and Power at Grand stream HT-503 have a Signal
Step 2 : Configure Voip
– Hang up the telephone press *** (press star 3 times) auto answer machine
You can choose the menus what you want
– press 02 if you want to know IP by answer machine.
– Press # for Return to main menus. Then select menu by press 12 and 9 for open Wan port Web access
– Press # for Return to main menus. Then select menu by press 99 and 9 for Save Configure and Reboot Grand stream HT-503 and waiting for 30 seconds
– Then open Internet Explorer and enter your IP address on address bar. Then enter “admin” on Text field.

– You will see all of Status menus.

menus Configure
– Basic Setting >> Choose to ICMP on WAN port = yes
You can change IP address

– Advanced Setting >> admin password (Change your password)

– FXS port >>> Sip server : ( Example: FREECALL)
Out Bound Proxy : (Example: FREECALL)
Sip User ID : (You’ve registered to Voip)
Authenticate ID : (You’ve registered to Voip)
Authenticate Password : (You’ve registered to Voip)
Use Dns SRV : Yes
User id is phone number : No
Sip Registration : Yes
Unregister On Reboot : No
Out going call without Registration: Yes
– If your installed is correct you will see this screen.
Example FXO Port

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